NOTE:  This is the Beta version, please feel free to contact / email us if you find any bugs or any suggestions.  Thank you very much!

Download link:

FIRST STEP: UPGRADE THE TEVI (**If your TEVI Bluetooth name is LYPERTEK TEVI - L/R. Then no need to do this step.


- Make sure the charging case is with 50% power (2 LED lights).  Charging mode is not allowed for the charge case!!!

  1. Download the file (TEVI_Update.apk) to install the TEVI Upgrade App in Android phone (version need 6.0 above). 

  2. Make sure TEVI be connected with Android phone, then turn off (press and hold for 2senconds, then release the finger, and will hear "Power Off")one side and put it aside.  (Two earbuds be needed upgrading each under separately) 

  3. Put the connected one in the ear, press and hold around 12sec, until hearing “deng”-“deng deng”-"deng deng deng deng “- “deng ding deng”-  release the finger, then hear “ dong dong dong” and can see the LED are in “orange” light and blink every 3 seconds.  That means it enters into the DFU mode. Then put it back to the charging case.  

  4. Open the TEVI Upgrade App in the Android phone, select the earbuds which you operated just now ( L or R), then follow the procedure to upgrade the earphone.

  5.  Follow the step 2 - 4 for the other side for TEVI upgrading.


Once finishing upgrading for both sides, the Bluetooth Name will be changed from [LYPERTEK] TEVI - L/R to LYPERTEK TEVI - L/R.  That means TEVI can be used with App. 





For Android, download and install the (LYPERTEK.apk) manually.


For iOS, download and install the app from App store (search LYPERTEK). 

Connect the TEVI to the phone, then can use the App.